Heaven and Earth Qigong and 16 Neigong Principles

The whole point of qigong (or “chi kung”) is to wake up your body—your flesh, your soft tissues, your nerves, your fluids—so that eventually you can feel the motion of your energy and your mind. When you can clearly sense with your mind inside your body and then consciously move the mind through your body, this is when powerful and dramatic transformations to your health and wellbeing can take place.

Some forms of qigong have many movements, each of which focuses primarily on a specific set of internal energy and physical movement principles. By the end of the movement form, you may have incorporated all of the 16 Neigung fundamental principles, but possibly no one movement in the form will include all 16 at the same time.

The Marriage of Heaven and Earth is singularly different in that there are only a couple movements you repeat over and over again and by doing so, it’s like the proverbial pealing the layers of an onion. First few times through the movement sequence, you focus on one of the 16 fundamental neigung principles till that is internalized and stable in you, then focus on the next one. Then you focus on both principles at the same time using the same basic couple movements till that amalgam is solid and internalized.

Next you perform the movements with another neigung concept till that is smooth, stabilized and internalized, then perform the two basic movements integrating all three neigungs clearly. The growing “whole is greater than the sum of its parts” becomes more profound and robust as you continually add a new neigung principle, establish that clearly, then integrate with the others.

It is said, one can hold “7 plus or minus 2” things in consciousness at one time, as a “chunk” (probably less if you are “trying” to multitask). Imagine what happens when you can have the experience of performing an perfectly integrated set of 16 neigung movement principles all at the same time, while repeating a simple, two movement sequence?

Qigong Videos

Please view the following two videos for an overview of the form and also how and why it is such a powerful and effective health promotion practice. Enjoy…

Introduction to Heaven and Earth Qigong
Overview of Health Benefits from learning and performing this set of exercises

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