Inner Movement Tai Chi

Tai Chi and Internal Energy Arts
Study of your human potential
through body, mind, spirit.

The Taoists taught that you had to be fully in your body to be fully here. That meant making the body conscious…and that was the purpose of qigong, tai chi and eventually lead to meditation.
~ Bruce Frantzis

One lives in their body. One directs their life with the mind. One’s spirit uses the vehicle of body movement to express itself. Join me for classes and private sessions in which you can open your body and learn coordinated ease of movement that promises to improve your range of motion and overall health.

Tai Chi is an ancient martial and health promotion system with which practitioners can learn to feel what is actually going on within their bodies. When you can feel, you can heal. When you can distinguish the difference between your own energy and another person’s, you can be a more effective healer or martial artist. Also, the psychological benefits of learning to clearly distinguish this difference can be profound.

New class starting soon at the YogaDen in Cobleskill, New York. Contact Erin about YogaDen or click here to get more information or ask questions about how Regular Tai Chi and internal Energy Arts practice can benefit you.

Thank you for your interest and for allowing me to assist you in your journey of self-discovery.

~~ john erik